Political Candidate Reach Voters


Internal tracking showed our client was trailing by 6-8 percent in a series of recent polls. With the impending election, there was very limited time to use traditional media outlets to sway the votes. We implemented a targeted campaign of push advertising to voter’s home PCs.

We used client-supplied data of those who had requested a ballot, along with data on voter registration demographic data. We then scrubbed this data against our proprietary technology to deliver display advertisements to these targeted voter households. Over the course of one week, we delivered 120K impressions to the list of likely supporters. 

Furthermore, being able to precisely target each vote by household allowed them to “present the best message to each voter” In other words better efficacy at 1/3 of the price

“The ability to target to our message to different voters by geolocation and voter segmentation is something the other media platforms simply didn’t offer”