Automotive Industry


The client is a regional auto dealer with 3 dealership locations that sell nearly 1,000 new and pre-owned vehicles each month. While working with the dealership, two large “buckets” of customers presented as a great opportunity to target a Buy-Back or Sales campaign. Approximately 40% of the customers that purchase service but did not purchase a vehicle at the dealership. Over 9,000 customers that have previously purchased a vehicle at the dealership.

After completing the discovery process with the client, we identified approximately 6,000 high volume prospects from among the candidates. We launched a targeted campaign of push advertising to customer’s home PCs.

Through our online display campaign, the client was assured that their advertising efforts would reach “real” people instead of fraudulent bots and crawlers, which account for 75% of normal online traffic.

Over $500K in additional revenue was produced, including $182k from customers who had not visited the dealership in the last 9 months.