Your Next Book Is Almost Ready to Publish

In the link below you can review the proposed table of contents and the content for the first chapter, ready for your final touch.  I will have the rest finished this month.  I expect it will come in around 150 pages in Google Docs (close to 200 in a typically formatted book).

I recommend you add the following two things to each chapter to put your touch on it:

1.  Open with a brief story or anecdote.
2.  Include a quote in each section (perhaps immediately after the section title), from an author you like

I have included examples at the end of the chapter you could use or draw from.

You can view the first chapter in Google Docs here.

If you’d rather open it in PDF, click here.

When you are ready to schedule an appointment to talk about this, pick a time that is convenient for you from this calendar:

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