Strong copy remains one of the critical components to the effectiveness of a website, a physical sales piece, email, social media and ad content.  While graphic design may capture attention, copywriting educates, persuades, builds credibility, demonstrates expertise, and motivates readers to act.

Many decision makers are enamored with brand-building ad campaigns popular among Fortune 1000 companies, but these are ineffective, costly time-wasters for most small businesses.

Direct response style marketing methods and copywriting compel your prospects to take action, whether to set an appointment, download a free report, join your newsletter, share your content on a social media network or purchase a product.

We offer time-tested, proven copywriting services that have sold tens of millions of dollars of product.  Here is what one of our senior copywriters says about his process:

I begin by collecting information from my client, researching the product or service, the offer, and the competition. Next, I interview the creator or visionary of the product. I play ‘devil’s advocate’ to tease out the interesting tidbits that form the background story. I ask lots of penetrating questions. Then I research the competition to see how what I’ve learned in the interview provides a competitive advantage. Finally, I put myself into the heart, mind and soul of the prospect, so I can think like they think, feel as they do, and know their true hopes, fears, dreams and wants. By doing this I am able to write copy as if I were their best friend having an intimate conversation, persuading them to make a decision in their best interest. Because I can speak to their inner-most feelings, they trust me. Because they trust me, my words have credibility. Then they act.

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