Digital Reverse Append Direct Mail Integration

If it were possible to identify the human being behind that visitor to your website and send them an offline message in near real-time, would you want to know about it?

Invocabo is proud to present Digital Reverse Append Direct Mail Integration.  We can identify a visitor to your website by matching their IP address and/or device Mac address to a known database of consumers with a residential mailing address.  Our commercial on-demand printers are standing by to send your customized direct mail piece to that consumer within one business day, meaning the high-value traffic you drive to your site can now receive your persuasive offline messaging, even if you don’t have a name or mailing address for them.

For example, a Mercedes dealer might advertise a new lease program on TV.  The dealer can see a spike in traffic, but he doesn’t know who those consumers are.  We do, because our patent-pending technology recognizes that IP address (or device mac address) and identifies the consumer behind it.  We pass that information directly to our on-demand printer who can send your direct mail piece to Mr. Jones that same day (or the next business day).

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