LA Mayor Case Study

Garcetti wins LA mayoral election with targeted ads


Invocabo has a proven process for growing lead conversions and revenue, both online and off. With the unique Invocabo targeting platform, we enable our clients to target down to users in specific households to consistently deliver the most relevant online advertising to their true audience.

Our model mimics the time-tested techniques of direct marketing. The directselling method trusted by professionals for over 70 years. Invocabo has taken the direct marketing model and moved it online. True audience targeting gives you the power to deliver extraordinary relevance—and the more relevant the ad, the more likely the conversion


While the majority of a political candidate’s advertising budget is spent on TV, an increasing amount is being spent with online media. Former Los Angeles City Council President and candidate for the 2013 LA mayoral election, Eric Garcetti, needed to stand out and gain an edge in the tight race against his opponent. The challenge is to cut through the noise generated by all the other candidates’ advertising and reach the most likely voters with a compelling message.


Garcetti’s team utilized IP targeting advertising that targeted 500.000 voters in LA, specifically focused on Latinos aged 18-46. Our targeting technology can uniquely target Internet users within a specific household. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Find the web entry point (IP address) for all targets.
  2. Assign each web entry point a unique privacy ID.
  3. Send display ads only to websites where target IDs appear.

We can find web entry points by matching them to mailing address—no one else has anything like it. Through our vast display advertising network. we watch for instances of targeted IDs on thousands of websites and deliver highly personalized and relevant ads in real time.


“The microtargeting campaign was successful for the Garcetti campaign ….. According to a report published by the agency, they delivered over 7 million impressions for the Garcetti campaign in just over two weeks….the micro- targeting campaign bought between 10% to 17% better click-through rates for the [targeted audience].”

— Fast Company. Political Campaigns Follow Your Browser History, Nov. 5, 2013

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