Predictive Behavior Modeling

Perhaps our most significant offering to date is our Predictive Behavior Modeling, which identifies who on your lists are most likely to convert, allowing you to “hunt” with a rifle rather than a shotgun.

Traditional list-based marketing efforts deploy marketing resources blindly and inefficiently, wasting enormous resources. However, by eliminating half or more of your prospect list, you can target those who are actually motivated prospects (rather than just names on a list), ensuring a higher marketing ROI, reduced sales cycles and higher profit margins.

This is accomplished through machine learning and a database comprehensive enough to make the NSA jealous.  We compare your client list with a list of prospective customers who did NOT become clients. By comparing thousands of different data points, we are able to build a predictive model.  When that model is applied to any new prospect list, we can identify which of those prospects possess the characteristics in common with your current customers.

Consequently, you can spend your resources talking just to those prospects instead of wasting them on unmotivated people with little probability of conversion.

Of course, we have proprietary solutions for reaching those high-value customers as well.

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