Don’t let your customers steal from themselves

Do you love your company? Do you love your product or service? Do you love your company’s progress or the impact the progress has on those tied to your company?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, stop. Stop loving your company, stop loving your product or service, and start loving your clients. It is perhaps one of the most important decisions you will ever make for your business, in that, there are few things, (if any), that are more valuable than an existing and active client.

It is important to note that any of your existing clients are an incredibly valuable asset. After having bought from you the first time, they will be inclined to continue buying from you. You never again have to convince an existing client of the honesty of your offer, the quality of your service,  or the sincerity of your words, they have already proven they trust you and will continue to do so.

For this reason, it is time to start a new relationship between you and your clients. From now on, you are not a simple vendor and they are not a simple buyer who is purchasing a generic item they could buy from someone else for about the same price. Once they become your client, they are under your care and protection. You become their caregiver, their trusted advisor, and you will always look out for their best interests.

In looking out for your client’s best interest, you will work to ensure your clients never buy too little, too infrequently or worse, from someone else entirely. Not because you would lose money, but because they are stealing from themselves. By allowing them to buy too little, and too infrequently, you are allowing them to experience less enjoyment, less benefit, and less of the product’s positive impact on their lives. By allowing them to buy from someone else, you are allowing this other company to steal from them all of the care and protection you offer as their trusted advisor.

Why should a client have less enjoyment than they otherwise could? Why should a client settle for a company who doesn’t care as much as yours? They shouldn’t, so do everything in your power to ensure that the client gets all of the enjoyment, benefit, and care they deserve. Having bought from you even once, they are under your care and protection. Don’t let another company steal from them and don’t let them steal from themselves! You want them to buy from you, not for you, but for them, because any other company would not care as you do.

Always remember the value and importance of your clients. Their trust-or lack thereof-is the source of your success or failure. It is your job to make sure that all of your clients have the most enjoyment and benefit they can get. It is also your job to have a lasting relationship with your clients whether by sending letters in the mail with new offers, through email or social media, or by phone calls asking about the product.  Whatever the means the end must be the same; to love and take care of your clients.

Invocabo is a direct response marketing agency headquartered in Nashville, TN. We help our partners acquire clients who spend more, stay longer and refer others like themselves through the use of proprietary predictive behavioral modeling and patented IP device targeting advertising technologies.

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