Performing Well When Things Go Badly

Many businesses look at success when times are good and determine they’ve succeeded on the basis of their brilliance.  Perhaps.  It’s success in the more difficult environments that might put that hypothesis to the test.  When we build marketing strategies, one of the questions we ask ourselves is whether this strategy will perform well during difficult times-or whether we’re just grabbing the low hanging fruit.

The latter has it’s time and place-and if there are easy sources of new revenue, or easy acquisitions, great.  But what we love to do is implement proven, measurable, scalable and replicatable marketing methods that work in good times and bad.  We call this ‘building your moat’, and it’s a term we’ve borrowed from the insurance industry.  There’s nothing sexy about insurance, but it does have its place.  What we do IS sexy…helping businesses make more money, when they need it.  Our methods apply time tested, proven techniques that work in every medium, with every delivery platform, because they’re based not on technology but on the basic human needs, the wants, needs, fears, and desires that cause consumers and business people alike to act.  It’s that action that drives leads, conversions, sales and net income.

Build a marketing strategy that drives the bottom line AND builds a defensive layer around your business so that when the competition comes calling or the market changes in a flash, you’ve got the protection you need to regroup, adjust your formula, and then conquer your domain.

Invocabo is a direct response marketing agency headquartered in Nashville, TN. We help our partners acquire clients who spend more, stay longer and refer others like themselves through the use of proprietary predictive behavioral modeling and patented IP device targeting advertising technologies.

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