Less is More

A great leader must pick quality staff and learn to delegate.

1). Delegate routine and technical matters. Routine tasks and paperwork should be delegated. Technical matters belong to the experts. We shall discuss the concept of “outsourcing” in process reengineering in future blogs.

2). Delegate tasks that help your subordinates grow. Let your employees solve their own problems when possible. Let them try new things.

3). Don’t delegate confidential and personnel matters. Any tasks that are confidential or that involve evaluation, discipline, or counseling of direct subordinates should not be delegated (for employees that report directly to you, however let the subordinates take care of their subordinates).

4). Don’t delegate emergencies. A crisis for which there is little time for a solution should not be delegated.

5). Match the tasks delegated to your subordinate’s skills and abilities. Make the assignment appropriate to the training, talent, skills, and motivation of your staff.

6). Be prepared for a less than perfect result. The is for the growth of your staff and some mistakes will be made.

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