Understanding the Ecology of your Changing Organization

Ecology – The study of the interactions between living (biotic) and non-living (abiotic) things.

Every manager, support staff member, mail room worker, in fact every employee, of an organization exists within a corporate ecosystem; a complex network of interdependent relationships in which each individual strand is important and the contributes to the success (or failure) of the whole. Organizations in turn act with other corporate ecosystems (your customers, competition, venders, suppliers, board, health care providers) to form more complex networks, or corporate webs. These important systems are far from stable.


Organizations are constantly changing from the pressures of both physical and human forces. In addition, attendant technologies have created unprecedented forces for change.

When you look at and beyond the individual level and observe how different individuals, different committees, and different departments, interact with themselves and the physical organization, as well as how they respond and adapt to change, you can begin to understand how your company actually works.

At Invocabo Corp, our role is to understand the rich interconnections that make up the organizational ecology of your business. Our job is to investigate the remarkably complex working of your company’s ecosystem and learn about the myriad forces that shape its culture. We provide a comprehensive overview that is the hallmark of the study of your company’s ecology.

Keys to understanding the company’s ecology :

What forces shape your company?

How do relationships like management and competition affect your communities of employees?

What happens when a new employee is introduced into your organization and culture? Is it disruptive or integrated?

How do new technologies, improvements, or even the new coffee maker affect the corporate ecosystem?

Invocabo is a direct response marketing agency headquartered in Nashville, TN. We help our partners acquire clients who spend more, stay longer and refer others like themselves through the use of proprietary predictive behavioral modeling and patented IP device targeting advertising technologies.

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